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Critical Role: Mighty Nein Origins - Caleb (Preorder)
Dominon (Novel HB) (Preorder)
Sabbat War (Novel HB) (Preorder)
Brutal Kunnin (Novel PB)
Realm-Lords (Novel PB)
A Dynasty of Monsters (Novel HB)
Undeath Ascendant: Vampire Counts Omnibus (Novel PB)
Necromunda: Fire Made Flesh (Novel PB)
Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Omnibus (Novel PB)
Warriors and Warlords (Novel PB)
Inferno! Volume 6 (Novel PB)
The End of Enlightenment (Novel HB)
The Vampire Genevieve (Novel PB)
Primarchs: Blood of the Emperor (Novel HB)
Realm Quest: Fortress of Ghosts (Novel PB)
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Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons Comic Book (Preorder)
Direchasm: Warhammer Underworlds (Novel HB)
Heirs of Grimnir (Audiobook) - Warhammer Age of Sigmar

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