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Kennerspiel des Jahres

The German Kennerspiel des Jahres, first awarded in 2011, expands the prestigious Spiel des Jahres to recognize the "connoisseur/expert game of the year". ("Kenner" can be translated as both "connoisseur" and "expert", among other terms.) These are games which are meant for a more experienced audience, and where the Spiel des Jahres typically recognizes the best games for the entire family, the Kennerspiel des Jahres is more for gamers looking for games which present more of a challenge.
Stonemaier Games Wingspan $90.00
Schmidt Spiele The Quacks Of Quedlinburg Sold Out
Repos Production 7 Wonders (Second Edition) $85.00
AEG Istanbul Sold Out
Ravensburger Broom Service Sold Out
Asmodee Isle Of Skye Sold Out
Asmodee 7 Wonders Sold Out
Kosmos Legends Of Andor $70.00
Ludonaute Living Forest $42.00
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