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7 Wonders is a quick game that still offers great depth of play. There is very little difference in game time between 3 and 7 players because of the virtually simultaneous play. A great game with much variety.


byAsmodee Games
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In 7 Wonders each player is given the task of guiding a civilization through three epochs. Players must choose whether to focus on military strength, pursuing scientific achievements, trade or a number of other possibilities. As well as this they will have to decide when and if they will attempt to construct one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

The gameplay is very simple: from your hand of seven cards you must choose one to play, the remainder are passed to your neighbor. Then you choose another card from the six that you have received, and so on until all the cards have been played. Here you must be careful not to just focus on the cards you want, remembering that you may be passing cards to your opponents that will help them.

At it's heart 7 Wonders is a set collecting game, but with some clever mechanics that make each game vary considerably. For example each civilization has it's own unique special ability that may determine the strategy or course you employ.

7 Wonders is for 3 to 7 players ages 10 and up and plays in about 30 minutes

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